Batman - Heat Cork Trivet - Cooking

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Product Description

Batman - Cork Trivet

This is an engraved cork trivet that can be used when cooking or serving to sit hot pans/bowls/plates etc. on, to keep from harming the counter/table/etc.

This is an already made cork trivet that I engrave on and make super fun and chic :)

The trivet is 7IN in diameter and can be wiped clean gently with a damp cloth

Batman - Heat Cork Trivet - Cooking

WoodWear by Andrea

WoodWear by Andrea is made from a plywood called Baltic Birch. I take scrap wood leftover from a family business called Custom Laser Accents and create WoodWear; so each piece is uniquely up-cycled!
I am inspired by so many things but mainly my customers! I LOVE seeing my customers rock their WoodWear out on the town, hanging with friends, or in the comfort of their home. Happy YOU Happy ME!