How Much Wood, Would You Wear, If You Could Wear WoodWear?

WoodWear by Andrea started as an idea that I pitched to my parents, who own their own business called Custom Laser Accents making wood plaques for active and retired Military. I took the idea of using their leftover scrap wood and ran with it as I was completing my degree in Communications at the University of Louisville in Kentucky.

I have always been a creative person who loves to be hands on, so finding an avenue to hone in on that skill and desire was something truly amazing for me. Not only do I get to be artsy and create amazing products that I'm proud of, I got to learn my craft from my Father which means the world to me.

I never thought WoodWear would become something that I loved to do so much but it has become my passion and my career. I am very lucky to be able to work for my family business and continue to do WoodWear by Andrea as well.
I am always coming up with new ideas, looking for new shops to share my products with and connecting with my customers any way that I can as I continue to give WoodWear by Andrea 100% of my love and effort.

WoodWear by Andrea

WoodWear by Andrea is made from a plywood called Baltic Birch. I take scrap wood leftover from a family business called Custom Laser Accents and create WoodWear; so each piece is uniquely up-cycled!
I am inspired by so many things but mainly my customers! I LOVE seeing my customers rock their WoodWear out on the town, hanging with friends, or in the comfort of their home. Happy YOU Happy ME!