Rules of Fight Club - Wall Art

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Product Description

Rules of Fight Club - Wall Art

Decorate your house, office, game room, or anywhere you want to add a little fun with this Fight Club wall art! This wall art is 2 layers with a place cut into the back to hang on a tack, nail, pin.. etc. The "Welcome To Fight Club" at the top is raised up above everything else for an artistic look!

This wall art is hand painted and hand drawn!

10.5 IN Tall by about 9 IN Wide

Rules of Fight Club - Wall Art

WoodWear by Andrea

WoodWear by Andrea is made from a plywood called Baltic Birch. I take scrap wood leftover from a family business called Custom Laser Accents and create WoodWear; so each piece is uniquely up-cycled!
I am inspired by so many things but mainly my customers! I LOVE seeing my customers rock their WoodWear out on the town, hanging with friends, or in the comfort of their home. Happy YOU Happy ME!